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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
10:50 pm
memo. :)
 Hi all,

Last year I created a community for people trying to reach their goals specifically for Halloween, since it provides so many opportunities to party and show off your work.  I'm starting it again this year. I know it seems early, but I think it makes our progress more exciting because you can make a great amount of change in 2 months.

So...yeah, the community is:


Check it out!

Thursday, February 28th, 2008
11:08 am
Oh I see now, (another duh!!!! for me) this community is not even used that often :\

But why was I deleted from the original I dont get it!!!?!?!
11:04 am
I was a little confused

For some reason I got it all confused this community with the redbraclet one this is the new red bracelet, and for some reason I cant post on the other one but I can on this one and the reason why I havent posted anything in ages was becuase I thought this community and the other one were the same ones. (duh!! to me). So yeah gilrs it was weird I just realized that. I dont think my explanation makes much sense but there it is. Also, do any of you know of a reason why I cant post to redbracelet??? I got deleted in the middle of doing a competition so I couldnt keep up....oh well I guess I'll post here if you all dont mind.   :P

Current Mood: confused
Sunday, December 9th, 2007
12:07 pm
hey guys sorry i havnt posted in a while!
im down to 79lb!
my pic is of my at 94 so it old now!
ill take another one at xmas with my new camara i will be getting:):)

ive been going to a anorexia clinic for ages now
and i cant even go to fucking school!
because im to much of a low weight
sucks coz i have to be home schooled:S

height- 5'4
hw- 104
lw- 73
cw- 79
gw- 80 (need a new one really!!!)
age- 15

i wanna be thinspo:(
telll me what you think of my picture pleaseee
and any exersises that make legs smaller mine are FAT AS!
Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
8:38 pm
remember me?
I can't stay away
I've been reading posts for weeks now
I'm still struggling
these are my stats as of yesterday
H- 5' 3"  (I thought it was 5'2" but I was either wrong or grew, yippee!)
CW- 97-99
HW- 115
GW (before christmas) 80-85
so...its definitely been enough time that I should be a lot lower.  things are hard cuz my parents are really on my case.  my dad wants to "get a book on healthy eating so you don't shrivel away..."  as if!  I'm far from it!  my arms and chest are much better but my bum and legs are fat fat fat.  I've gotten in the habit of either fasting or eating too much.  its horrible.  I need control.  it's like once I start I can't ever get full.  when I don't eat I feel weak and tingly.  The other day I almost threw up at the grocery store because I hadn' t eaten in two days.

I have to level with everyone...part of the reason I didn't want to be part of this anymore was because I didn't want to answer to anyone.  I didn't want to be accountable for my bad days.  but i missed you all so much.. and I need you.  I need to know that if I eat I let myself down and you all will know.
so I'm back.  Today was bad but not as bad as most thanksgivings. : )  this weekend we are staying with family, who have cinnamon rolls for every breakfast, chips with every lunch, mexican food for dinner, and snacks in between.  it'll be tough.  and they are all worried about me too *sick*  so I can't skip meals.  but I'll do my best to eat healthy and low cal.  And Monday begins my journal to 80 pounds by christmas.....

I hope you all accept me back.. 
good luck and thiiiiinkkkkk thiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn!

Thursday, November 15th, 2007
5:56 pm
Hey grils!!

This is the first time i have posted in this community, i use the old redbracelet, but it seems so quiet in there latley, is it more livley here?

Hope ya all dont mind me joining you!!

Friday, August 17th, 2007
11:16 am
I am so excited about this: I've found a website that lets you create your own silicone (like livestrong) bracelets. I want to order a bunch of Red Bracelets for us and I can mail you your bracelet, if you like. I was wondering if A) anyone had an idea of what we should have the text across the band say and B) who wants one, so i know how many to order. You don't owe me anything, I think it would be a great sense of belonging and community. Let me know what you think. :::x-posted:::
Sunday, August 5th, 2007
5:42 pm
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Monday, July 30th, 2007
7:31 pm
hey gals
its safe to go back to the old community now.
lianne is the moderator and she made our community private.
so now we're FREE again :]

I'm confused, where are we staying at??? the old one is good again.
come back everyone!!!

Current Mood: confused
4:23 pm
so far today ive had some carrots. : )  and i'm chewing sugar free gum now.  my stomach is growling but w/e.  i also had some nestea diet peach green tea....SOOOOO GOOD!  it is amazing!  and tomorrow i get a memership to a gym...WHOOPPPEEEEE! it'll help a lot.  i feel strong and stuff but its like, i have no muscle definition anywhere.  if i go to the gym and run and do the bike thing will my fat flabby legs get less fat and flabby? : )  i'm just wondering if anyone else hated their legs and actually made them better or if i'm cursed fo life.
luv you all! oh, and welcome izzy!  my ed-ish thoughts started when i was 11, so i know what you're going through. *heart*
2:11 pm
I'm still on vacation.

So I have to eat
there's no way to get out of it

If I say I have a stomach ache,
food will cure that they say,

I can't sleep in or I'm in MAJOR trouble

NOTHING works.


I have two more weeks!
I've already gained ALOT of weight.
I'm at 148
10:36 am
I will LOSE 10 by 10!!!!
So my scale says I gained 3 pounds this weekend, but I worked outside for like 3-5 hours each day this weekend, went jogging Saturday morning, and ate pretty normally, no major binges, and really gardened for 3-5 hours each day!!!  Shouldn't I have lost 3 pounds not gained.  The only thing I can figure is that I am dehyrated from all the work, and am retaining the water. So I will drink a lot today and hope for better results tomorrow.  

Current Mood: annoyed
1:31 pm
anyone know a good site for finding out how many cals burnt in exercise?
8:25 am
So... I was doing so well this week and then saturday I was doing well too.. but I drank ALOT of beer... and ate some chips and salsa and a small piece of pizza :(    I was at a party and my friends insisted on the pizza.. but the chips were all my doing... 

then sunday I ate a normal dinner.. it was healthy.. shrimp cocktail, green beens, baby potatoes... but I still feel like I may have gained.. and that is NOT good.. I don't want all of my hard work from the week to go down the drain!!!

On saturday before the party I picked up one of my friends and we were walking out to my car and she was like.. "Kelley.. have you lost weight?" and I was just like... "well, I have been trying to eat healthy lately so I think I may have lost a couple of pounds.. " and she goes.. "Yeah, I can tell! you look great!"

So ... I had only lost about 8 lbs and didn't think it was noticeable AT ALL.. but she noticed!!!! I was SO happy... you would think that would be motivation to not mess it up.. but nooo... I did.. so today I am back on track!!!

129.5 by Aug 10th.. not sure what I weigh.. too scared to weigh myself today.. but I will tomorrow morning...

Hope everyone else is doing well and I hope the other girls trying to lose 10 by Aug 10th are keepin' up the hard work!!!! We can do it!!

xox Kel
7:48 am
Lose 10 by the 10th Update

Hey Ladies- This weekend I pretty much ate like a normal person but I worked out a ton so I'm still 116. My goal is be 108-110 by Aug 10th so I'm getting back on track today! Weight wise 2 pretty cool things happened this weekend.
1) I wore a bikini in public for the first time  ever and survived (like real public, not a friends pool in their back yard)
2) My boyfriend (who is the best ever) took a picture of me and my new kitten and for once my arms actually looked pretty thin. This made me quite happy b/c I've never liked my upper arms to the point where there were a couple of years where I wouldn't wear tank tops, or anything sleeveless for that matter. Anyway here is the pic. And the new kitten is a 4 month old Egyptian Mau named Smoky!

I hope you all had good weekends and I look forward to reading your upates today.

12:39 am
Thinspo Channel & Thinspo Movie

Hi Girlz!

     Well, I have been dying to tell you about these two things!  But every time I get on, I always forget!  LoL!  So now that I've remembered.... okay!  
Well, I've found the perfece thinspo channel and thinspo movie!  The thinspo channel is called 'The Beauty and Fashion Channel'.  Other known as 'B&F'If you have Direct T.V., it's on channel 223.  This channel is about advertising beauty and fashion products.... of course!  LoL!  But during the day, they have super models doing fashion shows.  And it's really wonderful thinspo!  
Now, the thinspo movie is called 'The Perfect Body'It's about a gymnast who makes it to the olympics.  And she needs to lose weight.  It's a mega great thinspo movie!  That's all I have for right now!  I hope that helps!  

Stay Strong And Think Thinspo!

Current Mood: creative
Sunday, July 29th, 2007
5:25 pm
i'm home in 3 days!!! I'm excited cuz this vacation like ruined all of my progress. so when i get back i'm fasting til monday hopefully. but i might have to cut it short cuz i have dance. but i've really got to work hard since school is starting in like a month... on thursday i'll come up with my weight loss plan hahah omg and i just remembered that i have a summer project that i haven't even started uhhh ohhh so that will distract me most of the time haha
well i hope everyone is doing good
7:30 am
7:28 am
LJ chat.. the Setup
okay. so i figured out one way to use LJ chat that will allow you to on your other service at the same time. what you do is type "Adium" into google and go to it's site and download the program. then once you get Adium you can set it up as our regular account and once it's set up you go into Preferences ( mines jsut under the Adium heading cause i have a mac i'm not sure for PC users) and then go to the Accounts heading. once you click for adding a new acount you select LJ as type and then enter your username and password. then it will sign you onto to your LJ chat and your AIM (or whatever) at the same time. VOILA! a way to talk to eachother that is easy and people live different places so there is usually someone on (i'm on a lot)
contact me with any questions
AIM: SydneyStardust
P.S. I'll be posting this once every couple of hours so everyone gets it
2:02 am
I don't know wheather I should post in newredbracelet or redbracelet now that they're both private. help?

Current weight-148
1st goal-130 by September 11th [18 pounds, 6 weeks.]
2nd goal-120 by October 10th [28 pounds, 10 weeks.]
Final goal-110 by November 1st [38 pounds, 14 weeks.]

I want to be a 32 bust, 24 waist, 32 hip.

I'm not going to eat any meat.
I won't go over 1000 calories a day.
If I do, I'll have consequences. [aka fasting, working out double, reverting back to bulimia-old habits die hard.]
I will burn 1100 calories a day at the gym [AT LEAST.]
I won't eat past 6 PM.
I will only eat when someone is watching.
I will fast Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
or Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

My body burns 1500 calories a day by living [3 pounds a week]
I will burn another 7700 a week working out.
I will only eat 4000 calories a week.
A 4 pound loss a week.

I want to read:
French Women Don't Get Fat
Skinny Bxtch
any other suggestions?

Tips and such would be GREATLY appreciated<33
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